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Our web site allows children to become not only onlookers but participants!

The site was created for "Drug-Free Lifestyles" in Melbourne, Australia. Visit our WCTU site as shown on the right to learn more about our organisation. Promise Cards for adults and for pre-schoolers may be downloaded by clicking on the icons below. We also have a group on Facebook - "WOW Unlimited" - which you may like to join.

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Our organisation specialises in drug education for all ages. We would encourage your children to have fun, gain some knowledge, join in competitions and contribute their thoughts and their skills for the benefit of others. By informing kids of the dangers and disadvantages of drugs, both legal and illegal, they will be able to make wise choices as they grow. Drugs alter the way your body and/or your mind operates.

"Drug-Free Lifestyles" believes that while prescription drugs, taken by the person they were prescribed for, may be life-saving and certainly necessary, there is only one way to avoid problems and that is to say "No" when confronted with an illicit drug or when offered cigarettes or alcohol.

If, as an adult, you require further information, click on the buttons on the left and below to go to the links shown. Please note that the websites linked here represent a voluntary listing and no responsibility is taken for your use of the websites.

For information on how to help your children to stay clear of drugs, click here.

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DFK is a safe place for children on the Internet. We would ask you to discuss issues with your child and encourage your children to participate.

At DFK, all competitions are FREE to enter.

All hard copy contributions should be sent by mail to the address below or email messages can be sent by clicking on the icon below:

Drug Free Kids,
PO Box 4044,
NSW 2284

Email Arpee

While we need names and addresses, only first names and state (no address) will appear on competition results included on the site. 

Contributions and birthdays shown in our Drug Free Kids Fun Pages will include first names and surnames, but no indication of state.

We reserve the right to reject any material deemed unacceptable for any reason.

We try to make this site a place for everyone!

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